School Quotes

If all the rich and all of the church people should send their children to the public schools they would feel bound to concentrate their money on improving these schools until they met the highest ideals. Susan B. Anthony

I have never let my schooling interfere with my education. Mark Twain

Let us reform our schools, and we shall find little reform needed in our prisons. John Ruskin

Now since the young must leap and jump, or have something to do, because they have a natural desire for it which should not be restrained (for it is not well to check them in everything) why should we not provide for them such schools, and lay before them such studies? Martin Luther.

A school without grades must have been concocted by someone who was drunk on non-alcoholic wine. Karl Kraus

School-days, I believe, are the unhappiest in the whole span of human existence. H L Mencken

Good schools are schools for the development of the whole child. They seek to help children develop to their maximum their social powers and their intellectual powers, their emotional capacities, their physical powers. James L Hymes

My object will be, if possible, to form Christian men, for Christian boys I can scarcely hope to make. Thomas Arnold

What we must look for here is, first, religious and moral principles; secondly, gentlemanly conduct; thirdly, intellectual ability. Thomas Arnold