Relationship Quotes

One realizes that human relationships are the tragic necessity of human life; that they can never be wholly satisfactory, that every ego is half the time greedily seeking them, and half the time pulling away from them. In those simple relationships of loving husband and wife, affectionate sisters, children and grandmother, there are innumerable shades of sweetness and anguish which make up the pattern of our lives day by day, though they are not down in the list of subjects from which the conventional novelist works. Willa Cather

Relationships based on obligation lack dignity. Wayne Dyer

The formula for achieving a successful relationship is simple: you should treat all disasters as if they were trivialities but never treat a triviality as if it were a disaster. Quentin Crisp

When I got my first television set, I stopped caring so much about having close relationships. Andy Warhol

I’m very loyal in relationships. Even when I go out with my mom I don’t look at other moms. Garry Shandling