Rebel Quotes

No one can go on being a rebel too long without turning into an autocrat. Lawrence Durrell

The rebel can never find peace. He knows what is good and, despite himself, does evil. The value which supports him is never given to him once and for all – he must fight to uphold it, unceasingly. Albert Camus

What is a rebel? A man who says no. Albert Camus

Every woman is a rebel, and usually in wild revolt against herself. Oscar Wilde

Every genuine boy is a rebel and an anarch. If he were allowed to develop according to his own instincts, his own inclinations, society would undergo such a radical transformation as to make the adult revolutionary cower and cringe. Henry Miller

Real rebels are rarely anything but second rate outside their rebellion; the drain of time and temper is ruinous to any other accomplishment. James Gould Cozzens