Radio Quotes

TV gives everyone an image, but radio gives birth to a million images in a million brains. Peggy Noonan

Radio news is bearable. This is due to the fact that while the news is being broadcast the disc jockey is not allowed to talk. Fran Lebowitz

Citizen’s Band radio renders one accessible to a wide variety of people from all walks of life. It should not be forgotten that all walks of life include conceptual artists, dry cleaners, and living poets. Fran Lebowitz

BBC Radio is not so much an art or industry as it is a way of life, a mirror that reflects the eccentricities, the looniness that make Britons slightly different from other humans. Morley Safer

The whole country was tied together by radio. We all experienced the same heroes and comedians and singers. They were giants. Woody Allen

The new national campfire – radio. Linda Ellerbee

People in America, when listening to radio, like to lean forward. People in Britain like to lean back. Alistair Cooke

It’s not true I had nothing on. I had the radio on. Marilyn Monroe.

I don’t stay out late, don’t care to go,
I’m home about eight, just me and my radio.
Andy Razaf (‘Ain’t Misbehavin’)

Radio invented a new kind of drama called soap opera, a form of serial in which the main rule was, ‘Don’t let anything happen!’ – because if something happened on a Wednesday and you were at the dentist, on Thursday you wouldn’t know what the hell was going on and you’d get mad and switch soap operas, and soap, too. Sam Moore