Philosophy Quotes

Philosophy is common sense with big words. James Madison

Philosophy is the science which considers truth. Aristotle.

To ridicule philosophy is really to philosophise. Blaise Pascal

When he who hears does not know what he who speaks means, and when he who speaks does not know what he himself means, that is philosophy. Voltaire

The true function of philosophy is to educate us in the principles of reasoning and not to put an end to further reasoning by the introduction of fixed conclusions. George Henry Lewes

The theoretical understanding of the world, which is the aim of philosophy, is not a matter of great practical importance to animals, or to savages, or even to most civilized men. Bertrand Russell

Philosophy is a battle against the bewitchment of our intelligence by means of language. Ludwig Wittgenstein

Faith in the power of the mind is the first condition of philosophical studies. Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel