Quotes about Australia

Still I haven’t extricated all of me out of Australia. In one part of myself I came to love it – really to love it, Australia. D H Lawrence

Australia is a huge rest home, where no unwelcome news is ever wafted on to the pages of the worst newspapers in the world. Germaine Greer

In a way Australia is like Catholicism. The company is sometimes questionable and the landscape is grotesque. But you always come back. Thomas Keneally

Australia is a big blank map, and the whole people is constantly sitting over it like a committee, trying to work out the best way to fill it in. Charles Edwin Woodrow Bean

I have been disappointed in all my expectations of Australia, except as to its wickedness; for it is far more wicked than I have conceived it possible for any place to be, or than it is possible for me to describe to you in England. Henry Parkes

In America only the successful writer is important, in France all writers are important, in England no writer is important and in Australia you have to explain what a writer is. Geoffrey Cottrell

Each Australian is a Ulysses. Christina Stead