Alexander Zinoviev Quotes

They were right. The Soviet regime is not the embodiment of evil as you think in the West. they have laws and I broke them. I hate tea and they love tea. Who is wrong? Alexander Zinoviev

I could see the differences between the reality and the ideals of communism, I made Stalin responsible for this difference. Alexander Zinoviev

The idea of the dictatorship of the proletariat was nonsense. Alexander Zinoviev

The idea of killing Stalin filled my thoughts and feelings …. I already had a penchant for terrorism …. We studied the “technical” possibilities of an attack …: during the parade in Red Square … we would provoke a diversion that would allow me, armed with a pistol and grenades, to attack the leaders. Alexander Zinoviev

I had already chosen my course. I wanted to be a revolutionary struggling for a new society …. I therefore decided to hide myself for a time and to hide my real nature from my entourage, except for a few intimate friends. Alexander Zinoviev