Brigham Young Quotes

A good man, is a good man, whether in this church, or out of it. Brigham Young

Never let a day pass that you will have cause to say, I will do better tomorrow. Brigham Young

True independence and freedom can only exist in doing what’s right. Brigham Young

Education is the power to think clearly, the power to act well in the worlds work, and the power to appreciate life. Brigham Young

We should never permit ourselves to do anything that we are not willing to see our children do. Brigham Young

Nature is the glass reflecting God, as by the sea reflected is the sun, too glorious to be gazed on in his sphere. Brigham Young

I love the Constitution and government of this land, but I hate the damned rascals that administer the government. Brigham Young

Remember, a chip on the shoulder is a sure sign of wood higher up. Brigham Young

We want men to rule the nation who care more for and love better the nation’s welfare than gold and silver, fame or popularity. Brigham Young

It is wise for us to forget our troubles, there are always new ones to replace them. Brigham Young

The difference between God and the Devil, is that God creates and organizes, while the whole study of the Devil is to destroy. Brigham Young