Ron Woods Quotes

You might think, ‘Is this the FBI that I’ve seen on TV?’ The difference in the myth of the FBI and the reality of the FBI is as big as the Grand Canyon. Ron Woods

It’s a huge mistake to theorize before one has the facts because you begin to twist the facts to match the theory. Ron Woods

They allegedly have the highest qualifications for getting in, and have always looked down their nose at other agencies, like Customs, ATF and DEA. It creates a great deal of hostility. And the way they look down their nose at local law enforcement has created hostility all over the country. Ron Woods (on FBI)

Most federal law-enforcement agencies do not cooperate with one another because they are very jealous of their turf. Making cases and getting publicity for their individual agency is what they’re all about. They’re very jealous of another agency when they make a case. Ron Woods