Alec Waugh Quotes

I am prepared to believe that a dry martini slightly impairs the palate, but think what it does for the soul. Alec Waugh

A man desires praise that he may be reassured, that he may be quit of his doubting of himself; he is indifferent to applause when he is confident of success. Alec Waugh

The first duty of wine is to be red. The second is to be a Burgundy. Alec Waugh

By comparing what we know today with what the ancients appear to have known we can guess at the kinds of wine they drank. Alec Waugh

Offered a glass of Chambertin (1945)…I would consider I had acquited myself very creditably, if I were able to say, ‘It is a Burgundy, I think it is a good one, but I think it is a little old.’ Alec Waugh