Michael Walzer Quotes

The world (and this includes the third world) is too full of hatred, cruelty, and corruption for any left, even the American left, to suspend its judgement about what’s going on. Michael Walzer

…the nation-state remains a crucial instrument of democratic politics. Michael Walzer

No one on the left has succeeded in telling a story that brings together the different values to which we are committed and connects them to some general picture of what the modern world is like and what our country should be like. The right, by contrast, has a general picture. I don’t think that its parts actually fit together in a coherent way, but they appear to do so. Michael Walzer

We have been arguing since 9/11 that a government’s commitment to the security of its citizens involves a lot more than protecting them against terrorist attacks. It involves social security, economic security, environmental security, and medical security. Michael Walzer

The kangaroo isn’t as peculiar as the platypus or as funny-looking as the emu, but it is still a powerful argument against intelligent design. Michael Walzer

For right-wing intellectuals and activists, values seem to be about sex and almost nothing else; vast areas of social life are left to the radically amoral play of market forces. Michael Walzer