William Safire Quotes

Never assume the obvious is true. William Safire

If you want to ‘get in touch with your feelings,’ fine, talk to yourself. We all do. But if you want to communicate with another thinking human being, get in touch with your thoughts. William Safire

It is in the nature of tyranny to deride the will of the people as the voice of the mob, and to denounce the cry for freedom as the roar of anarchy. William Safire

Adapt your style, if you wish, to admit the color of slang or freshness of neologism, but hang tough on clarity, precision, structure, grace. William Safire

When duty calls, that is when character counts. William Safire

The right to do something does not mean that doing it is right. William Safire

After eating, an epicure gives a thin smile of satisfaction; a gastronome, burping into his napkin, praises the food in a magazine; a gourmet, repressing his burp, criticizes the food in the same magazine; a gourmand belches happily and tells everybody where he ate; a glutton embraces the white porcelain altar, or, more plainly, he barfs. William Safire