Nancy Reagan Quotes

I do not believe in abortion at will. I do not believe that if a woman just wants to have an abortion she should…I do believe if you have an abortion you are committing murder. Nancy Reagan

I see the first lady as another means to keep a president from becoming isolated. Nancy Reagan

The Sixties, of course, was the worst time in the world to try and bring up a child. They were exposed to all these crazy things going on. Nancy Reagan

I am a big believer that eventually everything comes back to you. You get back what you give out. Nancy Reagan

I think a woman gets more if she acts feminine. Nancy Reagan

Pornography is pornography, what is there to see? Movies are attempting to destroy something that’s supposed to be the most beautiful thing a man and a woman can have by making it cheap and common. It’s what you don’t see that’s attractive. Nancy Reagan

I must say acting was good training for the political life which lay ahead for us. Nancy Reagan