Susie Orbach Quotes

Fat is a social disease, and fat is a feminist issue. Susie Orbach

Fat is a way of saying ‘no’ to powerlessness and self-denial. Susie Orbach

We know that every woman wants to be thin. Our images of womanhood are almost synonymous with thinness. Susie Orbach

Emotional Literacy means being able to recognise what you are feeling, so that it doesn’t interfere with thinking. It becomes another dimension to draw upon when making decisions or encountering situations. Emotional expression by contrast can mean being driven by emotions, so that it isn’t possible to think. These two things are often confused, because we are still uncomfortable with the idea of the validity of feelings. Susie Orbach

Therapy arises because people don’t feel heard by others or by themselves. In the absence of being able to listen to others as part of normal social life, therapy can help address these difficulties. Susie Orbach

No one goes to therapy unless they are in extreme difficulty. It isn’t an easy choice and it isn’t cosy. Susie Orbach