Robert E Lee Quotes

Duty is the sublimest word in our language. Do your duty in all things. You cannot do more. You should never do less. Robert E Lee

Whiskey – I like it, I always did, and that is the reason I never use it. Robert E Lee

It is well that war is so terrible – lest we should grow too fond of it. Robert E Lee

You must study to be frank with the world: frankness is the child of honesty and courage. Say just what you mean to do on every occasion, and take it for granted that you mean to do right. Robert E Lee

What a cruel thing is war: to separate and destroy families and friends, and mar the purest joys and happiness God has granted us in this world; to fill our hearts with hatred instead of love for our neighbours, and to devastate the fair face of this beautiful world. Robert E Lee

You can have anything you want – if you want it badly enough. You can be anything you want to be, have anything you desire, accomplish anything you set out to accomplish – if you will hold to that desire with singleness of purpose. Robert E Lee

Obedience to lawful authority is the foundation of manly character. Robert E Lee

We have but one rule here, and that is that every student must be a gentleman. Robert E Lee

My experience through life has convinced me that, while moderation and temperance in all things are commendable and beneficial, abstinence from spirituous liquors is the best safeguard of morals and health. Robert E Lee