Stephen Leacock Quotes

Advertising may be described as the science of arresting human intelligence long enough to get money from it. Stephen Leacock

It may be those who do most, dream most. Stephen Leacock

What we call creative work, ought not to be called work at all, because it isn’t. I imagine that Thomas Edison never did a day’s work in his last fifty years. Stephen Leacock

Each section of the British Isles has its own way of laughing, except Wales, which doesn’t. Stephen Leacock

I detest life-insurance agents; they always argue that I shall some day die, which is not so. Stephen Leacock

It is to be observed that ‘angling’ is the name given to fishing by people who can’t fish. Stephen Leacock

Life, we learn too late, is in the living, in the tissue of each day and hour. Stephen Leacock

There are two things in ordinary conversation which ordinary people dislike: information and wit. Stephen Leacock