Mick Jagger Quotes

Anarchy is the only slight glimmer of hope. Mick Jagger

I know it’s only rock ‘n’ roll but I like it. Mick Jagger

People have this obsession. They want you to be like you were in 1969. They want you to, because otherwise their youth goes with you…It’s very selfish, but it’s understandable. Mick Jagger

It’s all right letting yourself go, as long as you can get yourself back. Mick Jagger

I got nasty habits; I take tea at three. Mick Jagger

My mother has always been unhappy with what I do. She would rather I do something nicer, like be a bricklayer. Mick Jagger

Thank you for leaving us alone but giving us enough attention to boost our egos. Mick Jagger

Of course, I do occasionally arouse primeval instincts, but I mean, most men can do that. They can’t do it to so many. I just happen to be able to do it to several thousand people. It’s fun to do that. Mick Jagger