James L Hymes, Jr Quotes

Children learn to care by experiencing good care. They come to know the blessings of gentleness, or sympathy, of patience and kindness, of support and backing first through the way in which they themselves are treated. James L Hymes, Jr

Building a conscience is what discipline is all about. The goal is for a youngster to end up believing in decency, and acting – whether anyone is watching or not – in helpful and kind and generous, thoughtful ways. James L Hymes

Fortunately, children do not need ‘perfect’ parents. They do need mothers and fathers who will think on their feet and who will be thoughtful about what they have done. They do need parents who can be flexible, and who can use a variety of approaches to
discipline. James L Hymes

Good schools are schools for the development of the whole child. They seek to help children develop to their maximum their social powers and their intellectual powers, their emotional capacities, their physical powers. James L Hymes

Young children scare easily – a tough tone, a sharp reprimand, an exasperated glance, a peeved scowl will do it. Little signs of rejection – you don’t have to hit young children to hurt them – cut very deeply. James L Hymes