Mason Cooley Quotes

Political correctness is driving machismo underground and recalling effeminacy from exile. Mason Cooley

Posterity – the forlorn child of nineteenth century optimism – grows ever harder to conceive. Mason Cooley

The best propaganda omits rather than invents. Mason Cooley

I am easy-going right up to the borders of my self-interest. Mason Cooley

Self-pity makes people callous. Mason Cooley

Sloth, not ill-will, makes me unjust. Mason Cooley

Thinking about the universe has now been handed over to specialists. The rest of us merely read about it. Mason Cooley

Suspicion is the beginning of wisdom, and of madness. Mason Cooley

Logic teaches rules for presentation, not thinking. Mason Cooley

The routines of tourism are even more monotonous than those of daily life. Mason Cooley

The same old thing – even if it’s champagne – is still the same old thing. Mason Cooley

Violence stops thought. Hence its popularity as a pain-killer. Mason Cooley

Theory can leave questions unanswered, but practice has to come up with something. Mason Cooley

Self-sacrifice usually contains an unspoken demand for payment. Mason Cooley

Sacred or not, sacrifice is an ugly business. Mason Cooley

Life is struggle and sleep. Mason Cooley

Boast quietly, with decorum. Mason Cooley

Events are called inevitable only after they have occurred. Mason Cooley

Intuition is often mistaken, but not altogether. Mason Cooley

Readers transform a library from a mausoleum into many theaters. Mason Cooley

Love talks and talks. Lust is brief and to the point. Mason Cooley

Magic trick: to make people disappear, ask them to fulfill their promises. Mason Cooley

If we think about the obvious long enough, it dissolves. Mason Cooley

Self-blame usually has an undertone of self-congratulation. Mason Cooley

Many think that assigning blame settles matters. Mason Cooley

A crisis unmasks everyone. Mason Cooley

Denial of one appetite sharpens the others. Mason Cooley

I cling to depression, thinking it a form of truth. Mason Cooley

Reading about ethics is about as likely to improve one’s behavior as reading about sports is to make one into an athlete. Mason Cooley

For many, immaturity is an ideal, not a defect. Mason Cooley

Old age likes indecency. It’s a sign of life. Mason Cooley

Innovation violates tradition – attacks it in public and steals from it in private. Mason Cooley

The Media: bold sex and violence, timid politics and morals. Mason Cooley

I keep renaming my motives, but continue doing the same things. Mason Cooley

The beginning of self-knowledge: recognizing that your motives are the same as other people’s. Mason Cooley

The self-righteous feel no need to be charming, and thus double their offensiveness. Mason Cooley

Courage, determination, and hard work are all very nice, but not so nice as an oil well in the back yard. Mason Cooley

When a paradox is widely believed, it is no longer recognized as a paradox. Mason Cooley

Pornography does not inspire violence, but you can break a leg trying to imitate it. Mason Cooley

In ethics, prudence is not an important virtue, but in the world it is almost everything. Mason Cooley

Sensuality takes planning and work. Mason Cooley

Fastidious taste makes enjoyment a struggle. Mason Cooley

We worship the aesthetic, but we do not have faith in it. Mason Cooley

Affection reproaches, but does not denounce. Mason Cooley

Alcohol postpones anxiety, then multiplies it. Mason Cooley

Avant-garde art jousts with propriety, but takes care never to unseat it. Mason Cooley

Arrogance frowns; pride smiles. Mason Cooley

Whether I give to a beggar or not, his existence puts me in the wrong. Mason Cooley

Beggars beg to get money, not to reproach the passer-by. Mason Cooley

A sense of blessedness comes from a change of heart, not from more blessings. Mason Cooley

Enough candor! Now some flattery, if you please. Mason Cooley

Without the blessing of cowardice, the world would long since have been torn to bits. Mason Cooley

Bravery despite defeat is praiseworthy. Victory despite cowardice is beyond praise. Mason Cooley

The etiquette of romantic love is as elaborate as that surrounding the Emperor of China. Mason Cooley

Existence is not a mystery unless you think it has a meaning. Mason Cooley

Futility has become a great subject, full of opportunities. Mason Cooley

Glamour looks eloquent but seldom talks. Mason Cooley

We take refuge in illness and then are trapped there. Mason Cooley

Wisdom is dead. Long live information. Mason Cooley

Ideology has shaped the very sofa on which I sit. Mason Cooley

The supposed unhappiness of the rich is always a cheerful topic of conversation. Mason Cooley

A sympathetic look always makes me feel sorry for myself. Mason Cooley

Symbolism erects a facade of respectability to hide the indecency of dreams. Mason Cooley

If suffering brought wisdom, the dentist’s office would be full of luminous ideas. Mason Cooley

A suburb is an attempt to get out of reach of the city without having the city be out of reach. Mason Cooley

The man in the street is always a stranger. Mason Cooley

Sophistication knows the score, but is powerless to change it. Mason Cooley

Sentimentality is the respect the cold-hearted pay to feeling. Mason Cooley

Romance is tempestuous. Love is calm. Mason Cooley

A restaurant with candles and flowers evokes more reveries than the Isle of Bali does. Mason Cooley

A successful restaurant makes everything in it, including the patrons, seem a little better than they are. Mason Cooley

The prison is the state writ small. Mason Cooley