Margot Asquith Quotes

He can’t see a belt without hitting below it. Margot Asquith (on Lloyd George)

His modesty amounts to deformity. (On her husband)

He’s very clever, but sometimes his brains go to his head. Margot Asquith (on F E Smith)

He has a brilliant mind until he makes it up. Margot Asquith (on Stafford Cripps)

The first element of greatness is fundamental humbleness (this should not be confused with servility); the second is freedom from self; the third is intrepid courage, which, taken in its widest interpretation, generally goes with truth; and the fourth – the power to love – although I have put it last, is the rarest. Margot Asquith

The ingrained idea that, because there is no king and they despise titles, the Americans are a free people is pathetically untrue. There is a perpetual interference with personal liberty over there that would not be tolerated in England for a week. Margot Asquith

It is always dangerous to generalise, but the American people, while infinitely generous, are a hard and strong race and, but for the few cemeteries I have seen, I am inclined to think they never die. Margot Asquith