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The appeal of quotations is universal. I doubt that there is anyone who has not made use of them at one  time or another –  in a love letter, in a wedding speech, in school and college work, or in a presentation. In this collection you will find quotes covering a wide range of subjects, and by a diverse selection of authors – from the ancient to the most modern.

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To be apt in quotation is a splendid and dangerous gift. Splendid, because it ornaments a man’s speech with other men’s jewels; dangerous, for the same reason.

Robertson Davies

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Most Popular Subjects

1. Examinations
2. Cold War
3. Insomnia
4. Sunday
5. Narcissism
6. Hippies
7. Lust
8. Euthanasia
9. Immaturity
10. Love
11. Child Development
12. Abortion
13. Delegation
14. Fairness
15. Life
16. Rejection
17. The American Dream
18. Self Deceit
19. Ability
20. Pride

Most Popular Authors

1. Antonin Artaud
2. Florence Nightingale
3. Warren Buffet
4. Al Capone
5. Mao Zedong
6. Albert Einstein
7. Oscar Wilde
8. Nicolo Machiavelli
9. Louis Armstrong
10. Charles Haddon Spurgeon
11. Winston Churchill
12.  Mark Twain
13. Jimmy Hoffa
14. Friedrich Nietzsche
15. W E du Bois
16. Mahatma Gandhi
17. Sid Waddell
18. George Bernard Shaw
19. Thomas Jefferson
20. Thomas P ‘Tip’ O’Neill